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STIR: Stroke Imaging Repository Consortium
Stroke Conference

STIR has been established to promote excellence in stroke care and stroke trial design. The purpose is to create an international consortium of investigators and a repository of source MRI and CT images toward the objectives of standardization and validation of acquisition, analytic, and clinical research methods of image-based stroke research. STIR will interface with the Virtual International Stroke Trials Archive (VISTA) and the MR Stroke Collaborative Group, as a coordinated and complementary effort. STIR will function without favour to individual groups or sponsors. As such, membership is open to all groups who fulfill criteria specified in this document and the results of STIR analysis should be used for the benefit of the wider clinical and academic community. Although individual groups may propose and sponsor certain analysis, the results of these analyses should be submitted for publication or recorded in the public domain.

Thank you for your collaboration!